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Problem adding to information box


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I am trying to add an about us link to the information box. I followed the directions on wiki.oscommerce.com very closely -perfectly! (http://wiki.oscommerce.com/docsCatBoxGenLinks).


When I refresh the page I get an error message:

"Parse error: parse error in /home/tillerw/public_html/oscommerce/catalog/includes/boxes/information.php on line 27".


Line 27 is the line that contains the about us entry. There are no other errors encountered.


The hardest thing for me to understand/figure out :unsure: (being very new to osCommerce) is the fact that if I comment out any of the other links in the information box, there is no error encountered AND the about us link works perfectly! However, when I remove the comment it goes back to the same problem/error code as above. It seems like there is a maximum number of links allowed in the information box. This can't be as I have seen osCommerce websites with more than 4 links in the information box.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have now spent over 5 hours on trying to add one simple little link to my page! :angry:



Tyler Schwerdfeger

tyler at tillerware dot com

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Thanks for the post. Because you said it was probably a typo, I took an even closer look at everything, and found that I was missing a "." and ");" in strategic locations. :D

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