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Add fields to checkout_shipping - this is a biggie


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I need to add more text fields and some check boxes to this page so I can get customized information from my clients. I found the page where I add the field boxes - the text box was called comments, now I've changed it to 'imprint information". But, I don't know where the info goes once it is entered into the text boxes.


I am assuming that you enter the comments in the comments box and it goes into the data base somewhere. I figure I need to to add fields to this database to accomdate the extra text boxes I added. See the page here: checkout_shipping page with added boxes.


Does anyone know where this info goes?


I have to make sure that if I add fields to this table it won't mess up an insert or update or delete somewhere else.


Also, I will need it to be inserted into the order notice email that is sent to me when someone places an order.


Anyone care to venture into this problemo??? ;)




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