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The e-commerce.

oscommerce search facility


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Is it just me that has problems with using the oscommerce search facility?


I've tried the advanced method +text +text2 +text3 but for some reason it only picks up the first word??




I wasn't sure where was best to post my problem so hope this is ok and that someone can help.





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I'm surprised it even worked with the first +text. The search will work without the +'s.


The advanced search supports the and/or operators (or just blanks between keywords).


See the help button/link in advanced window for instructions.

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  • 3 weeks later...

well, that explains why it doesn't work... the help advises to use:


Advanced Usage Help

Use Means

apple banana Find posts that contain at least one of these words

+apple +juice Find posts with both words

+apple -juice Find posts with 'apple' but not 'juice'

apple* Find posts with 'apple' and/or 'applesauce'

"Some Words" Find posts with the phrase 'some words of wisdom', 'some words' but not 'some noise words'



How humm... well at least now I know. :o


Thanks for your help


Jane :rolleyes:

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