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The e-commerce.

I have lost my password too.


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After a recently purchasing a new computer and retrieving my backup files, I discoverd that I had misplaced the username and password needed to login to my store.


The website is at: My Webpage


Everything is working great. Just that now, I cannot access any of the admin functions such as adding or changing products.


Is there a place I can login through ftp and edit a particuliar file to reset the password? Or an email password requester for the admin password and username?


This is an install from a cPanel from my host and has undergone many visual updates to the layout of the pages. I would hate to have to rebuild it just because I cannot change the products or see the orders.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

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I have the same problem except that I have no store yet. I just want to login to the admin area. I have to enter a user name and a password. where do I get them from? I see .htaccess but what does deleting it do?


Emmm ... as far as I know, the osC comes with the admin directory and the admin panel completely unprotected, so if any password is asked when you try to see the admin panel, it is because you have done something to protect it!!


What have you done?


To find out what .htaccess does, look for info about it through a search engine! And then you will also understand what will happen if you delete it! ;-)


Best regards,






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Hmmmm...I just reset my db password and did what you all suggested and still the same problem of not being able to log in. It tells me there is a problem with line 19 in the database.php file.

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you can gain tempory access to the admin by renaming the .htaccess file to say 1 or something this will allow you access but at the same time your admin will not be protected so once finished rename the .htaccess file back again and you are protected this is a temp resolve, however you should be able to delete the .htaccess file and create a new one from your cpanel.




the problem is actually in the configure.php files the catalog/includes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php this is the line where you change the password

define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', '*****');


in both files

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