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Please Help With Changing Servers


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Alright here is the deal.


I just got a webmaster job doing a site for this company. They are using OsCommerce and we just switched Servers.


I am not the one who set this whole thing up so I have absolutely no clue how it works or where I need to go to change all the server information.


I was not smart in thinking that if I just moved everything to one server to the other everything would work perfectly fine. Now the online shopping is down and my boss is telling me to hurry and get it back up b/c we are not having happy customers! So can someone please tell me what I need to do to fix this problem? I am not awfully knowlegable with the technicals behind stuff so just assume I know as much as a kindergarten person just so we end up on the same page.


I just want to make sure everything goes back to normal and we do not lose any information we already have.


Thank you so much whoever takes the time to explain this for me!



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Unless they "hardcoded" web server and file server information into certain pages, it may not be that bad. You will have to edit two files to start:








You will need to know these things:


The url to your catalog directory: http://yourwebsite.com/catalog

The file server path to your catalog directory: /path/to/your/catalog

Database Server:

Database Username:

Database Password:

Database Name:


Pay attention to the WS and FS designations in the configure files. WS is your url or web server info FS is your file server or local path info


If the domain name has already been repointed and the DNS servers have had time to propogate, you shouldn't have to alter the WS info


If you don't know what this means or where to find the info....dial 911 or PM me

"Aliiiiive, it's alive, it's ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!"

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This info above is for oscommerce-2.2ms2



If you are running an earlier release the admin path should be:



"Aliiiiive, it's alive, it's ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!"

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