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Enter net price with a currency code


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I would LIKE to be able to enter a net price with an optional 3 character currency code. The system would know that without the 3 character code that the price is in the selected default currency (e.g. USD), but if a valid 3 character code is entered (e.g. "EUR" for Euros) then the system would automatically multiply the currency entered by the factor for that currency and display the price in the default currency. (i.e. Enter Euros and see Dollars). [selling in multiple curriencies is no problem.]


To make this even better, I would LIKE to turn on an option switch that causes the osCommerce system to go out daily (once daily is adequate) and automatically update all currency factors. I would ALSO LIKE to enter the vendor's cost to me in a similar manner and have it print on my order reports but not be visible to the on-line client.


The result would be that I could purchase stock from countries all over the world, enter their stable suggested retail price in their currency, and my buyer would see all my retail prices in my default currency. I would not need to concern myself with the day-to-day fluctuations in currency.

Joseph E. "Joe" Stephenson

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