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password change


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lets try this again----exactly where do you change the administration password--i have looked everywhere including in the tools section and nowhere does it have a place to change password--i am new at this i am sorry i dont mean to ask dome questions but i need some help

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How did you create the admin password in the first place? By default, osCommerce installs without a password. You then have to install a password. Sometimes a host will provide an install that creates a password for the admin area. In that case, you would be best off asking your host how to reset it.


If you used the host's directory protection to set the password (e.g. in something like cPanel), then you should be able to change it in the same area.


If you used a contribution to password protect the files, you might want to post in the contribution's support thread in the contributions' forum. Method would be contribution dependent.




Always back up before making changes.

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Like ecartz said, osc installs without any password protection or validation. Try to access your admin by adding index.php to the address you type. i.e.




See if you can access it that way

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