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UPS Invalid ShipperPostalCode PROBLEM SOLVED!!!


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I know there has been a lot of fuss about the ups module working for some and not for others. I posted several times about this problem, and got no answers. I am one of the ones who had the zip code and country code set right, and still couldn't get it to work.


So I finally did what I guess I should have done to begin with: I looked at the php code myself. I'm not an expert by any stretch, but when I compared the php code with the sql database variables, the answer seemed obvious. In fact, the thing that I'm truly baffled about is how it is working at all...for anybody.


So here's how I fixed it. In the file "ups.php" (in the folder includes/modules/shipping folder), on line #165, it says:


$this->_upsOrigin(SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP, $country_name['countries_iso_code_2']);


Change this so that it says:


$this->_upsOrigin(STORE_ORIGIN_ZIP, $country_name['countries_iso_code_2']);


Re-upload it and go. It's working for me now. Let me know if that works for you. I truly hope it does. I know this has been a matter of GREAT frustration.

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