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Checkout/Confirmation Error


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I would like to know how to fix this Ive been search the forums here and I really dont get an anwers any advice?



Warning: Server Error in c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\fireball\catalog\includes\classes\email.php on line 500


Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\fireball\catalog\includes\classes\email.php:500) in c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\fireball\catalog\includes\functions\general.php on line 29

The Hobby Undergound..."For The Pure Hobbyist"

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I had a similar error about email.php. I fixed it by replacing the file with the email.php from catalog/includes/classes/email.php.


I posted a thread on this forum to ask if this would cause any problems but didnt get a reply...suprise, suprise :)


I havent noticed any problems since though.


hope this helps


CM :)

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I dont know what the error means. I think its caused by bad syntax in the script in the emai.php file.


All I did was copy email.php from catlaog/admin/includes/classes/ to catalog/includes/classes/.


The error message I got was the same except for the line number and It no longer appears since the I coupied the file. I'm not sure if this will fix your problems, but its worth a try.


Good Luck



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this from line 500-511 I didnt know how to put it into code format for you




return mail($to_addr, $subject, $this->output, 'From: ' . $from . $this->lf . 'To: ' . $to . $this->lf . implode($this->lf, $this->headers) . $this->lf . implode($this->lf, $xtra_headers));

} else {

return mail($to, $subject, $this->output, 'From: '.$from.$this->lf.implode($this->lf, $this->headers).$this->lf.implode($this->lf, $xtra_headers));





* Use this method to return the email

* in message/rfc822 format. Useful for

* adding an email to another email as

* an attachment. there's a commented

* out example in example.php.

The Hobby Undergound..."For The Pure Hobbyist"

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