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Multiple products-multiple tracking


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Hello all,


I am trying to find a way to track multiple variations of a product. Here's the concern. If I sell widgets that come in 5 colors in 5 sizes then I need to know how many of each color/size of widget I have at any given time.


In looking at the admin area I can only see that a field for Quantity on hand exists for the class widget.. notfor each entity of the class.


As a side note, is it possible to reference an HTML page outside of the PHP to use as an index file. (ie /index.php would reference /index.html for graphics and text.0

I simply find it easier to design the page in HTML then in a scripting language. Still working with notepad and a browser window for most sites that I build.


Finally, is there somewhere a listing as to where all the various elements that make up the /index.php file reside? I have spent countless hours sifting through code to find out that the info box I'm looking for isn't even in the file I'm looking at but is being referenced from somewhere else.

I would like to drasticly change the look and feel of the main page but until I can find all the parts I'm in a pickle. :blink:


thanks for any assistance,



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I am selling t-shirts and need have inventory by size. I can do this on my hosted store, but need the function here. Is there a hack for this or an added module?

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