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Transferring date to new installation


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I've had a store up and running for about two years now. It's osC V1.1 or something like that.

I want to copy the orders tables, customers and products to my new DB, which has been modified by a couple of contributions. I backed up the old DB into SQL, and the new one (just in case). Tried restoring the old one and having it overwrite the new, but got an error message:

1146 - Table 'madab-il.configuration' doesn't exist


delete from configuration where configuration_key = 'DB_LAST_RESTORE'




1146 - Table 'madab-il.sessions' doesn't exist


select count(*) as total from sessions where sesskey = '8e0c04ecacbad1ae245e7d336f2f8023'





Warning: Unknown(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time. in Unknown on line 0

'madab-il is my new store name, but I hae no idea how that is implied in the SQL. Also, I have noticed some diferences in the DB format between the two:

in the old, address_book.customers_id comes before address_book.address_book_id, but in the new they'r reversed. Also, the new has a column, KEY idx_address_book_customers_id, which is not in the old. I'm sure there are many other diferences too.


All I need is to get my customerd, orders and products into the new DB (Unless you think I'm forgetting something.)





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