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Taxable in Multiple States


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I have a vendor who will be charging tax in every state. This is required if the vendor has a physical presence in each state. I need the appropriate sales tax for the customer's state applied and I can't figure out how to do this.


I've read all the documentation and I have everything working for the *normal* situation where the state tax only applies to the customer living in the same state as the shipper.


This would also apply if a product was warehoused and shipped from two states (CA and NY for example). The customers in each of those states would be taxed while all others would not.


I've searched high and low for the answer to this question and I haven't come across the answer yet.


Thanks for all your help.



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Different states = Different Tax Zones

Not a problem

Create a new tax zone for each state you are goingto collect tax in


Tax Zones Action



Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 tax zones) Page 1 of 1


Zone Name:




Florida Sales Tax


Number of Zones: 1


Date Added: 02/20/2004


Now don't forget to open the folder icon at the far left edge of each tax zone you install and follow the input directions.


Next create the Tax Rates you need for each. Make sure they are separated even if the rate is the same.


One thing, make sure you have a taxable goods class set up. You will need to select it in each tax zone.


Remeber Taxes has nothing toi do with your location or the location you ship from. It only has to do with where you do tax reporting.


Good Luck

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I don't think I'm being clear. (Sorry about that!)


Here's a quick example:


1. Company has warehouses in 2 different states.

2. Same product ships from both warehouses.

3. Customers in these 2 states need to be taxed (at their different state tax rates).

4. All other customers living in all other states pay no tax.


From what I can gather, it always comes down to selecting a 'Tax Class' for the product. And that product wants to have a single tax rate assigned. I want the customer's state to determine the rate that is charged.


To expand the example further, what if I wanted to charge the customer's appropriate sales tax in every state (for only some products)? This issue arises because we take orders for some vendors who charge sales tax for all states (because they have a presence in all of them) and other vendors who charge sales tax in only the single state that they are located in.


So the basic question is: Can I set up one product to be taxed in more than one state at that state's appropriate sales tax rate (different for many states)?


I can't seem to get it to work. I can have it taxed in one state and not the others, but not in multiple states (at the appropriate rate) and not others.


Thanks for your help.



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