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The e-commerce.

Price stuck at Zero (0)????


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ive done all the above but mines still reads 0


i cant seem to find this part though:


3. Change "USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY" to true in your Shop Admin.

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I dont know if this is the answer as I too am a novice, but I tend to apply logic to all I do so, does your 10 come up as 10.00 or is it 1000 if it is the latter check your Administration > Localization > Currencies and make sure you have set it up like this:


<span style='color:purple'>Decimal Point: .

Thousands Point: ,

Decimal Places: 2


Last Updated: xx/xx/xxxx

Value: 1.00000000


Example Output:

30 = $30.00</span>


If you dont specify a decimal point your price amount will be automatically rounded up, and if you dont show a , or ; for thousands you will get 100000000 instead of 1,000,000.00


Hope it helps!

I get frustrated too.

Who was it said "Learning is fun" they obviously never battled with PHP


I get this message in my Administration Panel > Catalog

<span style='color:red'>Error: Catalog images directory does not exist: /images/</span>


If you can help send me a message.


Kind Regards,



Thankyou so much for your logic Michelle, you just fixed one of my problems that has been frustrating me for far too long :thumbsup: .

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Golden, just what I was looking for. Thanks!


You must make sure that the default language has the correct currency applied to it.


Assuming english as main language, and Can$ as your currency.


1. Open up includes/languages/english.php

2. Change the define('LANGUAGE_CURRENCY', 'USD'); to define('LANGUAGE_CURRENCY', 'CAD');

3. Change "USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY" to true in your Shop Admin.

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