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Easy Populate 2.73


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probably someone could give me advice how I activate EP for ex- nd importing data for Image modded versions.


I see in easypopulate.php some comments and I wonder if I do everything right or if there has to be done more then just around 3 places to un-comment.


Especially one part is not clear to me:



	 // unmcomment these lines if you are running the image mods
   $query .=  . $v_products_mimage . '", "'
    	 . $v_products_bimage . '", "'
    	 . $v_products_subimage1 . '", "'
    	 . $v_products_bsubimage1 . '", "'
    	 . $v_products_subimage2 . '", "'
    	 . $v_products_bsubimage2 . '", "'
    	 . $v_products_subimage3 . '", "'
    	 . $v_products_bsubimage3 . '", "'

	 $query .="    '$v_products_model',


if I just un-comment the part as described then I get a parser error at row 1681 wich is that one with the "new" un-commented query.


Please help me - I am really getting some frustration-seconds.





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i did it differently, find where the first image is called, ie

$default_these = array(






































this is mine, and search through the EP file and where ever u want or whatever u want to add, follow the code and add it.

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