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The e-commerce.

My store is finally open!! Please review


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Customise it !!

Ditch the intro

install the 'keep image proportions' contribution.

delete the laguage and currencies box (unless your going to use them)


Just a few ideas



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No shipping, conditions of use, or privacy policy in place.


Huge text on the index is literaly bigger than a page length on 800x600 resolution.


One language, why keep the languages infobox?


Standard image sizing will keep you from having distorted images.


Basic install. Not much more to comment on, except for the messed up footer being in the right column like Yougesh said.

My advice comes in two flavors- Pick the one that won't offend you.


Hard and Cynical: How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Site


Warm and Fuzzy: How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site

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360, I'm new to OSC, I spend hours on my site. My approach is K.I.S.S, Keep It Simple S>>>>. In your admin, come up with a general size for all your images, when you add them to your site, they won't get distorted. The images have to fit in the space you designate. Not the images filling a predetermined space. If you fix that, the images won't be hurtful to look at. Takes some time, thats all.



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Hey all I just figured I would let you know that I am looking for suppliers of anything and everything out there. If you are interested in supplying me with what ever it is you sell please send me a price list at sales@360surplus.com thanks in advance and I look foward to doing bussiness with you.



Also I am wonder who has had the best luck and where for advertising. thx for everything guys.

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