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Fedex Rate Quote Changes


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For those using the Fedex real time quotes module, there has been a change recently as you are aware in Fedex software, and thus the January release of this add on for OSC.


Essentially, state code was always required by the API documentation for Ship Manager Direct. Their code just never enforced it. In January, Fedex changed their code to match the documentation, normally a good thing. BUT, needless to say, this broke lots of systems out there on the internet, including this module. So, we updated it to require state code. Well, not so simple it turns out.


Most of the world also has states or some similar concept. Fedex code is currently requiring a state code for them as well. And it has to be some official state code. So, say Mexico, you have to put the exact correct official state code for Mexican shipments. This is possible I suppose, but will the user type the correct code? What about the hundreds of other countries? Not workable, clearly.


So, Fedex is saying they are changing their server software again, and, removing the state code requirement. There is actually no logical reason they need this, so, it will greatly simplify things and in turn allow systems using Fedex software to work again, even on foreign shipments. So, once this change is made, people experiencing problems with foreign shipments no longer will.


Anyway, just wanted to spread the news. Hopefully, sooner than later! None of the messages you get back from Federal Express has anything to do with the shipping module, THEY generate the messages.




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