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The e-commerce.

Existing Store Changed To osCommerce


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I like the site. I would not think twice of buying from that site. Could there be something in the transition from the old site to the new one that is alienating your customers? I chose a product, put it in my cart, created an account, and went all the way up to the last confirmation page. Everything seemed fine.


Have you received any new, unique visitors since you changed to oscommerce?

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Yes, but only a couple. It's a mystery to me. The old site had sales all day, every day. I'm feeling like I may have made a mistake on one hand, but on the other, the site was too big for an access database to handle easily and quickly. The site would lag and the database kept corrupting.


I'll wait and see, I suppose.

I haven't changed the domain name of the old site over yet. Maybe that will help.

Now there is simply a link stating to go to our new site.

Maybe people don't want to make that effort? hehe Yikes!


Thanks, urbluffinme, for checkin' it out.

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Marg, I agree with Kevin. Your site looks very professional -- in fact, a lot better than the last time I looked at it, though I can't remember exactly when that was...


If it's any consolation, my sales have decreased in the past few months too, for reasons that aren't absolutely clear to me. My existing shopping cart has NOT been working really well (which is why I'm upgrading to osC!) but even phone calls have dropped off recently, and my phone used to ring steady day and night.


Your site looks excellent. I'd not hestitate to buy from you either, based on the professionalism that comes across.


Good luck!



Terry Kluytmans


Contribs Installed: Purchase Without Account (PWA); Big Images, Product Availability, Description in Product Listing, Graphical Infobox, Header Tags Controller, Login Box, Option Type Feature, plus many layout changes & other mods of my own, like:


Add order total to checkout_shipment

Add order total to checkout_payment

Add radio buttons at checkout_shipping (for backorder options, etc.)

Duplicate Table Rate Shipping Module

Better Product Review Flow


* If at first you don't succeed, find out if there's a prize for the loser. *

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what is your old domain? Also, I am not totally clear. Are you getting the same amount of unique visitors but no sales. Or are you just not getting visitors at all? And if you are getting unique visitors, where are they coming from? And is this the same way you received visitors with the old site?

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I like the site very much!


You really need to get the old domain name pointing to the new cart. You would really be suprised at what keeps people from clicking through. Any little incontinuity really freaks people out.


Good luck. I'll be back to buy something for my daughter soon.

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BTW - I found an error in your HTML that is screwing up the status bar.


<a ONMOUSEOVER="window.status='? Our Policies ?' ; return true" OnMouseOut="status='? The Silver Dragon Jewelry ?';return true"


should be


OnMouseOut="window.status..." - instead of just status


just reads "Our Policies" most of the time.

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Thank you, Kevin, Craig, & Terry.

I was beginning to think my hard work was for not...

I changed the window.status (Thanks!)

And the old store's dns should be active tomorrow.

Thanks for your input

Marg :)

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Your website is awesome, really easy to browse and all look professional:


I have a question:


I would like to know which contribution(s) you used for the product page at: http://www.thesilverdragonjewelry.com/prod...roducts_id=1096





I'm currently working on my website which URL is: My Webpage

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el Yikes!

I took the colors directly from a color wheel, so they ought to look good together. Anyone else of the same feeling? If this is not pleasing to one, must be the same for others? Maybe this is why sales have dropped off?

I don't see the color scheme as bad so I can only go by others. Please tell me!



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Thanks, Shari

I am fond of the colors and feel they are effective for my client's customer.

Anyone else with an opinion? I am beginning to get slack from my client....

I have looked over the code for the search engines (meta tags) and can't find anything amiss, I still am not seeing the site on google after a lot of hard work on the tags. I must be missing something.

Anyone? Suggestions?


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