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The e-commerce.

product whitout buy option


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I want to have a products category whitout the possibility to buy the product online.

Is there someway to arrange that.

The product is there only for to show the costumers the product so they can buy it in the store whit a personal help from a employee.

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I had a similar issue. I send alot of product from Drop Shippers. Keeps me from holding too much merchandise. So I almost always set my quantities to zero.

The problem with that is, even with low or out of stock inventory, customer can still check out.


Solution: I recoded part of the default page to show the date item is expected back right under the item title and stock number. At the top of the Item description.


Then I rearranged some of the php code at the bottom of the page that shows red letters about the date the item is expected. It now shows the date expected back, but does not show the buttons for Review or Checkout. Then when the item is in stock and I remove the date expected in. It shows the date the item was originally added to the catalog and the checkout buttons, with no notations at the top of the page.


Seems drawn out but it works great for me.

you can see examples here.

In stock item

and here

Out of stock item


Let me know if I can be of assistance.


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