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Multiple Downloads for same product.


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Is there a way to allow a single "Product" to have several downloads - the appropriate one being offered to the user after checkout based on the attributes of the product they order.


For example, let's say I've written an application and have it for sale on my site. On the product info page it gives them the option of choosing a Windows, Linux & Mac versions via a drop-down attribute. One purchase of this product would be one license for one OS.


Would it be possible to have them select Windows, Linux, or Mac as an "Operating System" attribute, and send them the appropriate archive for their particular choice after checkout? Or am I forced to create three separate products? (one for each OS).

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we found it easier to have different products, then the customer could not say they wanted one product when they meant the other, as they are spelled out in big, bold letters what they are ordering.

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The problem is, there's going to be about 3,000 different downloadable products in the inventory, that would all be available in three different options (they're not applications as my original post used as an example, but the principle is basically the same).

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e-books? :wicked laugh: :ph34r:


Have you played around in the admin with the product options?


I would be interested if you find a solution. If you don't, let us know (perhaps I will have a look around too)


Have fun!


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I did this site for a client who is selling his products as Tapes, E-documents(downloads), CDs, etc. There are about 800 products that are multi format, with at least one format being a download.


I've already faced this problem, so I know what you need to do to get started at least. The technique I used should be easy enough to modify for multiple downloads of the same product. Probably easier than what I'm trying to do in fact.




The above link will take you directly to a department of the site with many multi-format products.

(Downloadable products on this site are also referred to as "Outlines" since they are well... Word Doc/PDF Outlines ! heh)


The way this works in short, is:

Each "parent" product you click on will list it's "child" products and their media type. Each product listed in the dropdown has it's own sku/model number in the database and for all intents and purposes is a separate product. However it is considered a "child" of another product and listed as such.


I accomplish this using an extra field in the products_description database called products_parents.

When listing products from a query I only display products where the value in products_parents equals the value in products_model in the products table.


This is a fast rundown of how this works but I think you get the general idea.


I'm working on a much looonger post for everyone with a similar need, but I also need a chance to rest too. Been up a long time. :wacko:


Anyway check out that site. There is still some work to be done to it, but it works for now.


Also check out this thread http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=79299,


When I get some time I'll try to hook you up with my EasyPopulate hack, that allows me to handle all of my download filenames from the same excel file as my product database which should help you too. But I'm spread pretty thin lately, so forgive my forecasted delay.

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Naah, not eBooks djb, hehe, although I can imagine how you may think that. There aren't many comparisons to my analogy that would warrant a 3,000 product-strong catalogue... Music? Samples? Images? What else?


Anyways, yup, I tried playing around with the admin options, and it's the strangest thing...


I add one option, with one file, another option with another file, and another option with another file..


I add the product to my cart three times - once with each option. I checkout, do the businesses, and upon completion of checkout, it knows I want to download 3 things, but only one of the links actually works - the other two aren't even links, simply text (the same text as that which you would click on for the regular download link).

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