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The e-commerce.

Os Commerce and File uploading


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Hi, i have an online store that sell photographic products, i want to offer the costumers a printing service, they could send me their photos and i send it back by mail, but i need that the upload program read the costumers profile in the os commerce database, so i could know who has sent the photos.


If someone know hw may i do it, please let me know, here in the forum.


Thank you.

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I am setting up a photo gift store that uses the file upload contribution.


Someone else may know a way, but to me it looks like it would take some significant rewriting to link each photo to a customer profile.


However, I am finding the default operation of it to be pretty failsafe. It assigns each uploaded file a sequential serial number as the file name. That serial number is recorded on the invoice within the attributes portion right after he product name.


The way I will be doing it in the new store is this: I will pull the invoice, look up the photo numbers on the server and transfer them to a folder on my local computer that is unique to that order.

Rule #1: Without exception, backup your database and files before making any changes to your files or database.

Rule #2: Make sure there are no exceptions to Rule #1.

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Mike, Jimmy:


I am looking at needing this as well. My store is looking for the customer to upload a genealogical database and we plot out the chart type they want.


I just set up the file upload feature last night and cleaned up typos, etc. but I do not get the dialog box for the user to tell me their local file and I get a DB error.


I am not sure if I am even using the right contribution module for this or not!

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Hi boys, i am using the option type feature from a contributor of this forum, i think i could use it in the following way:


For the color option, i would change the colors in the dropdown menu to the size of the photos and the type of paper for printing (e.g 4x6 bright

5x7 bright


I don`t know how to make the changes, and the script (option type feature) it is not working, it giveme the following error:


1146 - Table 'digix.products_options_types' doesn't exist


select products_options_types_id, products_options_types_name from products_options_types where language_id='1' order by products_options_types_id




If someone could help me, please letme know.


Thank you.

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