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How to delete all products


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I'm using easy populate at the moment. Every month I will have to get rid of all products, catagories, manufacturers and upload an entirely new range (the suppliers pricelist to me changes monthly). Is there a quick way of deleting products, catagories, manufacturers but still leave all the settings etc. untouched? I have more than a hundred catagories and so far the only way i have found to delete them all, is one by one in the admin.

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I am new to this whole oscommerce thing, but couldn't you simply delete the categories and products by using a tool such as 'phpmyadmin' (can be installed on the server), which connects directly to the sql database, and should allow multiple details to be deleted in a few clicks.


Hope that helps,



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There is a Contributions that could help.

its a sql file that you upload into your database and it should remove all data from the database and leave you with a blank database.


emty database


havent tryed it, and dont know if its what you need/want.


I have the same problem as you, I get new prices every month on about 2300 products. What i do is use the model number from my supplyer and than use easy pop to update the prise.


I use the table that only containe the model and prise, so that easy pop checks the model number and updates the price and nothing else.


am newbi so don know if this helps



Where is the anykey??

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djk1000 -


a quick seo question - will your entire inventory change or simply "(the suppliers pricelist to me changes monthly)" ?


if only the latter, then why dump the whole db ? that will effect your url's - therefore your search engine rankings, customer bookmarks, etc.


if only the pricelist, as you indicated, change only the prices. it's hard enough to get ranked in search engines after long efforts to get ranked. starting over every month is even a larger challenge.


for what it's worth.



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