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I'm selling albums online for my clients. They would like to be able to log in and see how many people viewed their product and where they came from. Also, to be able to add new products to their section and more. Should I build another admin page for this? Or can they use the exsisting signup page that is included with OS Commerce and I just build into this?


The only thing is, not every customer will be someone wanting to sell their item on my site. Some may be singining to buy a CD. Are there any Admin page Mods that I can use that would do this? I want them to be able to add another album for sale, track their product views, and browse news articles for artists. Can this be done?


Any help would be appreciated.

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When I did something similar (but less extensive), I had a special ID in the customers table that told me if the customer was also a seller. I would just check that ID to know if the customer was a seller. For customers who were, I showed them the seller specific info on their My Account page. Otherwise not.




Always back up before making changes.

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