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Proportionally resizing thumbnail images


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Hi folks, I know this has been asked many times before and received many different answers... I have spent hours crawling all over this forum and trying contributions looking for a solution to my particular problem.


I can't get my thumbnails to display proportionally. This is the 2nd server I have installed OSC on and on my 1st server all I had to do was null one of the dimensions in the admin > Images - Small Image settings - easy as pie, worked just great.


This time however that is NOT working. If I do not set both values it will display the image at the original large size without any resizing. I have tried a number of different contributions and none have had any effect. I tried:


Automatic Thumbnail Creator v1.0

PHP Image Resample

automatic Thumbnail creator

Keep Image Proportions for OSC 2.2 MS2


And most recently:

Image Resize v1.5 for MS2


No matter what contrib was installed I had to have values in both fields for Small Image, otherwise the images were not resized at all.


After each unsuccesful attempt I have restored my original files to keep my installation clean for a new attempt. I have left the latest one in place (Image Resize v. 1.5).


I would prefer not to have to go back and alter each and every image I have to set the same proportions, having to do this will mean a lot of extra time and an extra step when new products must be added.


I am running OSC 2.2 MS2 on a Linux server.


Please, any ideas? Thank you in advance to any help you can offer!



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OK, well don't I fee silly. Turns out Image_Resize is working - I just need to re-upload my images to allow it to process them.


My woes are not completely fixed however because while I am now getting my proportional thumbnails my popup image is using the thumbnail rather than my larger images. I have posted in the Image Resize v.15 support thread for help, see http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...50entry310739



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