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PayPal and Downloads

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I have gone through this over, and over, and over trying to find the problem. Esentially I want to have somebody pay through Paypal, be returned to the site, and get their download. It does not work.


osCommerce is fine - meaning it works and its setup the right way. I went through that process in this post:


Download Help


The person returns just fine, but if they click the download link it goes to the internal 404 page.


I contacted my host when I was certain osc was setup correctly. They said it sounds like a path problem. We checked them. No problem. osc set itself up perfectly.


I noticed that the product name was not being sent over to Paypal. I found that fix / upgrade here in the forums. Still did work, but I did notice something new this time.


If I hover over the download link provided to the user upon their return I see a URL that points at the product. The product ID in that link is not the same as the product they bought.


In other words, they click and buy Product 29, but in there "Click Below To Download Your Software Now" I see a different product id (usually 5 or 9 yet I have no product numbered 4 or 9).


I am using the standard paypal payment module, not the contribution IPN version. Do I NEED to switch or can this be fixed without installing that package?





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