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UPS Shipping Labels?


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I'm looking for a contribution that will allow me to print UPS labels from OSC directly. I need to be able to print multiple labels, etc. I am looking for suggestions.


I already have the XML tracking module for tracking of the packages, I just need something to print.


Oh that note. I currently export to a .cvs file, and import into Stamps.com for my shipping. I will be switching to UPS. Does anyone know if UPS has a similar program that will allow me to import a .cvs and have it print out multiple lables and send an email to the customer with their tracking number?



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UPS has that service in their own hands, you can add the 'order' to their site and print online the labels.

You need to have an account etc... with UPS ofcourse

My client does it for many years that way.



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How do you automate the UPS shipping label process? Is it possible to export the shipping information from osCommerce to UPS WorldShip?




Yes it is.... I stopped using UPS and am with FedEx now. but i did get worldship to use my OSc DB.


it's real simple.... you need to just map the fields on worldship. to your mySql db.

i don't have time to really spell it out right now.


step 1: call UPS tech support and tell them you want to use you mySql DB to populate your worldship DB. they will walk you thru the process...

once you do that all you have to do is type in your order number in worldship and then add the weight and your off......

i will post a step by step next week for thoes who don't want to deal with UPS tech support..

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Right now I click on all my orders I want to ship, and it exports a .csv file of all the shipping information and the email address. I was hoping I could import this into UPS Worldship and have it print the labels in batch, and send emails to the customers. That would be ideal. I've got an account with them, I'm waiting to finalize a few things before I start using it.


Wish me luck!

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"Import and export data to/from your spreadsheet, database and word processing programs."


That is a quote from the WorldShip page. Sounds like that may be what I will be using. Would be nice to click my orders and have them queue up, and then go into WorldShip or something, and them save the tracking info for the website so the user can pull it up. I REALLY don't feel like entering the data in for each order manually.


I am also interested in the step by step, I may be able to edit my shipping page to work with it.

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