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Hi, brand new to all this. I have some experience in html and other programming languages and such. Iam wanting to run an online store for computer hardware. I was checking out your program. What I was wanting to know is how this would all work... Say the order the product to I have to manually send the product to them or will it automatically ship.

Another thing is, lets say I have a friend that owns a warehouse could I get to work like where a customer buys the product, then the script goes to the warehouse and buys the product and ships it to the customer? all automatically.

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like lets say they order from your site...

then what would I do... would i have to charge the cc myself?

and then would i have to also have to set up the delivery manually myself?

or does this all happen automatically.


lets say i have no products and i just want to sell stuff from a warehouse, could this script like goto the warehouse buy the product that the customer buys from mysite and then it would send it to the customer?


is that better explained? if not i will try again heh

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That's not default behaviour. CC's are charged directly if you one of the payment modules. You can set it up to do it manually as well.


The orders show up in admin and you need to process them manually. Writing a script to reorder them from somewhere else would be possible but isn't included in the default cart.


Do a install yourself or browse the sample to see what it does.





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