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batch orders?


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i am looking for a way to take my daily orders and get them all into one file (some type of tab deliminated file would work). we currently email all our orders to our supplier where they dropship for us. it is very time consuming to go through each order and copy and paste the necessary info into an email for our supplier.


i am hoping someone can help me out with getting something done that will work. basically i need the following things from the invoice:


invoice number

customer name

customer shipping address

products purchased


product attributes

customer comments

shipping method


i have the "orderlist contrib" - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1836 installed but it does not provide all the info i need. all it gives me is the order number, item purchased (no attributes), quantity, and price.


hopefully there is a way to hack this code to get the info i need. i am not php proficient, so i don't know where to begin. any and all help will be appreciated :D


btw, i was looking at the "batch order center contrib - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1836 " but looks like it is for ms1? i am using ms2 <_< i don't really need pdf files, but no complaints if it can work with ms2, although i am not sure how to make it work.


thanks in advance for any help!

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Just play with the code, if you want that the orderlist contribution show the customer delivery address, etc, you can add this:




echo "".$row{'delivery_name'};

echo "<br>".$row{'delivery_street_address'};

echo "<br>".$row{'delivery_suburb'};

echo "<br>".$row{'delivery_postcode'};

echo "<br>".$row{'delivery_city'} . ", " . $row{'delivery_state'};




Send me a PM if you want my file...

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