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The e-commerce.

Quick 56k dialup question.


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I was wondering if anyone new how quickly os commerce loads up for people using 56k dial up connections. my store so far has nothing special, maybe 25 items with no bigger images. i didn't mess with the over look of it much.

my friend is out of town who has a 56k so i cant ask him.

thanks a bunch.

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The Index Page Takes 1 Second To Load Up.... The Index Page Then Links to other pages and includes, which I will say normally takes around 30 or so seconds to finish with..


Depending on the images that you have and how did you save them it will have an effect on the loading procedures.




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1. Optimized modem connection (44k, 48k, level of compression, etc)

2. Server performance

a. Hard drive

b. CPU

c. memory

3. Bandwidth allocated

4. Conenction of server to net

5. Amount of hops (routers) between user and server

a. Router loading

6. Amount of hops(routers) from server to major back bone

a. Router loading

7. Server configuration

a. hardware

b. software

8. Shared or dedicated server

9. Hosting company network

10. OS

11. Amount of current visitors, robots, spiders, etc

12. Runt packets


And the list goes on and on. Might load quick one moment then take a few seconds/minutes after that the next time you try.

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..and cookies, and cache.


yeah i know, haha.


I guess i mean the comparison between say cable and 56k.

I know its a zillion times faster, but i just wondered if it would be so slow as to scare away customers.


But then i guess people who do use 56k wait eons for any page to download anyway. so i guess that about wraps up that question. :blink:

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