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Customer keeps getting logged out


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OK I just went live with my site (www.modyourcar.com.au) and my brother noticed when he was looking around that it kept logging him out whenever he added something to his cart. That meant he could never go through and make a purchase.


I could not replicate the problem BUT I did this morning.... it's not nice.


So what I did was close the web browser, re open it, logged in and it all worked fine. I could add items to my cart, and go through and purchase them.


My question is why is OSC logging customers out sometimes? Has anyone else experienced this?


Is there a solution?


It seems that OSC has a lot of issues around logging in etc.... not nice.


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First OS Commerce Is Free... Which is the only thing we should be thankful for...


I never seen such strong Complete Shopping Center Like OSCommerce... OsCommerce wouldve made tons of money if they went private...


The next issue is, yes there sure are many bugs and fixes that has to be going around, after all no one is getting paid to do it... Its all voluntary..


I would recommend that You reoprt this bug to the bugs to the bug department :D



About me experienceing in this problem not yet..... Not im ny whole live time career (i day :D )...





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