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Beginner question


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I have some questions that I hope have very simple answeres... I've tried HARD to find replies to similar questions by searching the forums but usually I get about 2500 unrelated results. :o


So I hope I'm forgiven, here come the questions:


1 - Is there a setting for totally disabling reviews? If I was to sell screws there wouldn't be any point in collecting reviews on them, hm...


2 - In stead of just the "add to cart" button I want the buyer to be able to order any amount of an item, how do I do that? (I assume this IS possible...)


3 - I use a contribution, the Norwegian language files, but the icon for the Norwegian flag isn't showing. When right-clicking it (the image in the language box) and viewing it's properties I can see that the path to it is correct and the icon.gif file is in the correct folder... I don't get it... ?


4 - When testing my store the page titles remain as "osCommerce", how can I change that to my store name?


5 - After having set up the store with full contents and played around for a bit with layout and such I showed it to my partner. He absolutely insisted on removing the login screen, meaning that if someone was to visit our page and put some items in his basket he or she should be able to complete the purchase without any registration. Of course there are many benefits of registration but not many of those really apply to our store. So, is it possible to allow customers to checkout without full registration but still offer this to the ones wanting to?


Thank you very much, I hope someone was patient enough to read through this, and sorry for any spelling mistakes... I tried my best. :rolleyes:


Jon O.

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Reading th docs would be my first suggestion ;)


1. There is a contribution called InfoBox Admin I would suggest using this as it will not only allow you to add/remove boxes but also re-position them as well as their location.


2. Look at the attributes section.


3. If the properties of the file point to the proper location on your server then double check the spelling (might be case specific)


4. This has been cover a zillion times in the forums. PLease use the search feature <_<






// page title

define('TITLE', 'OSCommerce');


5. I believe I have seen a contribution that allows purchases without requireing registration. Again searching the contributions would be your best bet.


Good luck...

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Thank you so much for quick and clear answeres. Great help and everything seems to work fine! (except for the norwegian flag icon, but never mind, can't be that hard to figure out)


However, you mention "reading the docs"... I would love to, but what docs? There were none of those included in the osCommerce download other than the one explaining setup issues...


I just accepted this as a fact of life since osCommerce is free. One just doesn't complain when a tool like this comes totally free... Amazing, and an awsome tool as well! :D


Anyway, thanks again,


Jon O.

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searching can be much more effective if you know the right search syntax. Here's what the "Advanced Usage Help" link below the search window says:


Advanced Usage Help

Use Means

apple banana Find posts that contain at least one of these words

+apple +juice Find posts with both words

+apple -juice Find posts with 'apple' but not 'juice'

apple* Find posts with 'apple' and/or 'applesauce'

"Some Words" Find posts with the phrase 'some words of wisdom', 'some words' but not 'some noise words'



This helps me avoid 2500 links to info I'm not looking for.


You can find more documentation at http://wiki.oscommerce.com as well.

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