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Products Maas add and Mass dElete


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How do you elminate a mass of products from youtr store? and tehn re import new ones?


Right now we use teh Easy Populate Add on Module, that allows us to easily add mass products.


But teh problem is we need to delete them, then re enter them.


The store seesm to keep everything, we modify the easy populate file (We delete the products we no longer want in the store) it creates, then re import it, but the products are not removed.


So what is available in a module, or how can we achieve this simply in our store?


Thank you for your time in reading this, and any help is greatly appreciated.


VDO Specialtes


Michael Walker

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I'm looking for the exact thing ! I have 230+ items that I need to remove and this one by one deletion is mindnumbingly boring :blink:

Please let me know if you received help on this.




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Wow! Apprantly there is no way to do it? I see no one has bothered to give an answer to this.


I find that hard to belive, I have 8000+ items so you thought yours was hard..


thanks for replying.

Michael Walker

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Well, if you're deleting all items in a category then you can simply delete the category and then recreate it empty.


If they're dotted about here there and everywhere there may be some kind of SQL query you can formulate which deletes selected products based on product ID. But I'm not good at making SQL queries so I wouldn't know how.


But I would think it would be possible.

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