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Hi there...


I am having trouble getting sales taxes to work on my store. Basically, I want to be able to charge taxes... simple right? It seems that no matter what I put in as the "Zone Name" in the "Tax Zones" section of the admin interface, taxes are charged to the customer. In fact, I even put in "foobar" as the Zone Name... and it still charges taxes. What is "Zone Name" referring to?


For example, if the customer was in San Francisco, California, United States, what would I put in as the Zone Name, if I want a US-wide tax? (I know there is no such thing!).


What if I want a California-wide tax? Would the Zone Name be "California"?


What if I want a San Francisco-wide tax?


Basically, I can't seem to figure out how the system determines which tax-zones the customer is a part of, to calculate the tax. Right now, it seems that they are always part of my "foobar" zone.


Thanks alot!

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