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storing images on an external server


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hi, first i like osc very much!

just got the EasyPopulate running fine and importing 10000 of products.

but my problem is, i got my products-database from another shop, and it stores its images on another website like http://images.blabla.com/jpg/

now i import all my products, with a value at 'v_products_image' like 03452.jpg

this jpg is stored at the external store.

when i change the image value in configure.php to

define('DIR_WS_IMAGES', 'http://external.server.com/img/');

, osc will find all product images there, but not any other image that i need for the design etc.


is there a solution?


thanks a lot!

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It might be some work, but you could add another reference in configure.php, example:


define('DIR_WS_PRODUCTS_IMAGES', 'http://external.server.com/img/');


And then change all references of DIR_WS_IMAGES to the above DIR_WS_PRODUCTS_IMAGES on any pages (examples below) that call for a product image.





etc. etc. etc.

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