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The e-commerce.

Site Review Please


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Alink would help I guess.



Well, lets see.


The header on the main page is edited rather badly with the addition of your store name. The headers for your infoboxes need to blend with the background, you still have the white blocks around the edge.


Stock OSC graphics look like crap when you expand them.


If you are going to change the buttons, you should do so uniformly throughout the site.


You are going to get very few clickthroughs in a bad frameset that you have to scroll to see. Your font's don't match throughout the site.


And, unless I'm very mistaken, you have adapted (badly) the Elated free pagekit Tune. Since you don't provide a link back to them, you are in violation of their usage terms.


Yep. Pretty bad all around. I barely stayed on the site long enough to see about 5 pages. Nothing that would entice me to buy (With the exception of the Rolling Stone Christina Agiulera cover poster.)



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Tell me what you really think guys! lol just kidding, i take constructive critisism well, now for my replay to your suggestions.


Headers comments-good point, will be fixed.


OSC Graphics-planned on getting rid of them anyway (like I said, not 100% done yet)


Fonts-planned on it too.


Elated link-fixed


Speed-what was slowing it down? was it all pages or just the catalog?


Don't like frames-personal opinion, though noted ;)


Thanks for the advice guys, like i said, my first one so I'm learning as I go. Any positive points? I'll work on it some, and post the link again in a couple of days or so. One day, I'll be as good as you.

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Not that bad a start...in my opinion this is what I would change.


The big turntable header pic...can it! and bring the header nav and the top blue part together.


Frames..can them!!!!...everyone hates frames and the content is all crowded. I would not use your site just for that reason(and I do buy music online).


Images for box headings....can them! use text.


Stock osc images...can them.

The Wiki Docs: Read them, live them and be thankful for them!

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Ok, I've updated the main page, haven't gotten to the catalog pics and stuff yet. I think main page is short and sweet though, better than before. Let me know please :)





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