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The e-commerce.

I need to transfer my site to another one


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:( Greetings


Currently we have www.etoyforme.com and the owner bought a new domain which is www.egiftforme.com


We want to move etoyforme to egiftforme and this is what I have done.


I downloaded the whole site from etoyforme and uploaded it into egiftforme, changed the config files for admin and includes but when I do this I see it like a clean installation (the color, banner, etc stays, except for the pictures).


I created a backup database from etoyforme and uploaded into egiftforme and nothing :(


Can anyone help me on how to copy the whole website (os commerce) from etoyforme into egiftforme ? :unsure: I would REALLY REALLY thank you !


:) Carlos

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Make sure both configuration files are readable & writeable

Make sure the install directory does not exist

Thanks for replying, both config files are readable & writeable and I get a warning message that the system is able to write to the config files so I took it out and the install directory is gone :blink:



:( :( :( :( Thanks for replying


Carlos :huh:

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Did you move your databses too ??

Yes I did, I moved everything from website A to B.


A looks the same as B, but when click on A it takes me to B, so I changed the config files with the right info. Now B does not look as A anymore, just the css is working <_<


Thanks for replying


Carlos :( :huh:

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