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Applying the same attributes to many products?


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I have over 300 products ( they are all images and their price is identical except for the image and the product url). I used an automation script to enter them. Problem is now I have 300+ products but only one has the attributes I want. Is there a way to select ALL in the product dropdown such as to assign the same attributes to all products. Is there another way of doing this? Do you know if I can directly access the DB that holds the attribute info and copy the same info for all product IDs?



Also, all product images seem to show up as landscape images, even if the original is a portrait (upright). I can make images that are partially blank to avoid getting those images distorted, but does anyone know if theres a way to make them show as portraits in the first place?

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Your image question is easy, just edit your image sizes in your admin section leaving width blank.




as for the attributes,


what I did using MySql is go into the DB itself add the information and copy the MySql generated code, then I changed repeated that code string just changing the product_id to match the product I was adding the attributes to.

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Thanks! I used Excel to create all the insert statements I needed incrementing only attribute ID and product id and ran all the inserts for each attribute. It worked great! I'll try the image width suggestion tonight.

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