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The e-commerce.

invoice and VAT rules thats legal for European Uni


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Hi There,


I've installed the contribution and checked everything 3 times very, very, very, carefully.


However, when I create an account with a EU VAT number + company name or when I try to change such an existing account, the result is a blank page when I hit the update or next button.


Note that

- this only happens when the admin setting check intracom numer is put on true.

- URL does not change (e.g. stays on e.g. .../address_book_process.php)

- the data has been saved.

- It also happens with a company which is based in the same country as the web shop.


So it seems that the blank page is a result of either the procedure of checking the VAT number or a result of the feedback this procedure gives.


Does anyone how to solve this or where to look for a solution?


Btw, I have a dedicated SSL sub domain on which this is running. Don't know if this has anything to do with it....


Your help is MUCH appreciated!





Same here;

PHP5 installation.

Address update with VAT nr is OK without checking (needed to solve the nusoap issue first)


If checking on;

all failure checks work OK with their messages displayed.


If VAT nr OK (verified), the result is Blank page with ..../address_book_process.php?edit=10 (nr of entry)

Giving an entry on the URL bar in the Browser, results in display of address entry screen, with green bar "update successful".

Whilst without VAT check on, program will return to address list.


This case 4 addresses for customer


Same problem with 1 address and editing from within admin function


I'm stuck, but hope is has nothing to do with php5


Thanks for any help, as this contrib really makes OSC worth while for EU business

Albert de Bruijn

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I have implemented the Swedish EU tax rules;

you add in 25% VAT on all sales to EU, but outside EU the VAT is Zero,

and if the EU customer enter a valid EU VAT account number, then the tax is Zero,

and all local sales in Sweden the tax is always 25%, VAT or no VAT.


eg.hh.h.eehh, any entered number in the VAT field is "valid" if length larger than 5 chars .. simplification.


Im kind new to this forum.

Anyone want to come and play :rolleyes: ?

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For those who want taxes automatically if the conditions below are OK:

the billing company field is not NULL


the billing tva_intracom field is not NULL


the billing country is different than the STORE_COUNTRY


the delivery country is different than the STORE_COUNTRY


You can pick up the following files: catalog/includes/classes/order.php and catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php in this package,

replace yours and uncomment the lines as explain in it.


I may be a bit thick!!!i But do not understand how to do this?

any one got the files and a install doc

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Hello all,


I have installed Update v 5.1 of the E.U. VAT Intracom Number and i have (only) one problem.


The V.A.T. appears correctly in the admin/customers.php, but it does not appear in the admin/order.php where i have put in this code like it says in the installation manual:


In catalog/admin/order.php

After these lines (around 163):

			<td class="main"><?php echo tep_address_format($order->billing['format_id'], $order->billing, 1, '', '<br>'); ?></td>


<!--	  //Add for VAT Intracomm	//-->
	<td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '1', '10'); ?></td>
	<td><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
	 			<td class="main"><b><?php echo ENTRY_SHOP_INTRACOM; ?></b></td>
	 			<td class="main"><?php echo TVA_SHOP_INTRACOM; ?></td>
<!--	  // fin ajout	//-->



Is there something i am overlooking or doing wrong? Because I only get this text: VAT intracom number of the shop :

without the V.A.T. number!!


Thank you in advance and hopefully someone has the answer.




Rob Veraar

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Update v. 5.1 available ( http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1848 ):


Fix a bug (hope so...) for php5 users: this built-in SOAP extension uses same soapclient() class name as Nusoap. I just change the class name in sopclient_nusoap() in the files nusoap.php and validations.php both in admin and catalog.

Have a look to http://fr2.php.net/manual/en/ref.soap.php for more infos.

Also add 2 more countries (Bulgaria and Romania) in the EU countries array (thanks to Madenio).


For v.5 users, just replace classes/nusoap.php and functions/validations.php files in both admin and catalog sections.


Although I've used the files directly from your contribution (Update v 5.1, with no blank lines causing problems I presume ...) I still get stuck with a 'Cannot modify header information - headers already sent in ../catalog/includes/functions/general.php' error.


The verification of the VAT numbers in itself works correctly (my error messages are generated by php instead of javascript), however after finishing the form I get the error mentioned above.


If I use v.5 (no SOAP) fix + new EU countries of Madenio instead (and therefore bypass the nusoap.php class) all works fine.


2 questions:

1. Any ideas what causes the error to appear/manifest itself only in the final stage of form submission? Any solution ...

2. What are the precise drawbacks of the 'old' HTML verification method?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Regards Dennis

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Hi There


I have installed this contribution to a heavily modded version of RC2a, it is collecting the VAT Number ok, but even though i have uncommented the files in ot_shipping and order as instructed it is still not taking off the VAT in the order.


I have Tax Zones of

Europe (15%)

UK (15%)

Rest of world (0%)


As client proceeds through order in checkout_payment.php the billing address shows the TVA Number but shows VAT, then continue to Checkout_confirmation.php, delivery and billing address is shown, but no TVA number (not sure if it should be there anyway) and still has VAT.


I have used compare program to compare files, as i said its heavily modified but its mainly there, i have now come to the end of my capability, could anybody please tell me what might be wrong.


Thank you





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Hi there,


I have installed TVA 5.1 .


I have tax zones set to UK. I get VAT calculated for the UK but not for other EU countries.


Do I need some special tax zone set up?


I must confess that I find the tax zones confusing!!





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Hi Guys


I have installed the latest version off this contribution, Everything seems to work fine apart from the checking of the tax number, I get this error message if I add a VAT number


Fatal error: Class 'soapclient' not found in /includes/functions/validations.php on line 176


Any suggestions?


Going by the install files, the soapclient is actually a file called nusoap which I have in the right directorys

I dont help with templates (thats what the seller is for)


th search function will often help, when it dont try this in google.


site:http://www.oscommerce.com/forums then your search word

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Hi there, i have installed the latest VAT Contirbution and it works wonderfully!


I have only a small question, that would help me a lot:


The VAT contribution is checking the VAT number correctly.

However, it deducts the 19% taxes from my Customers only by the time of the order.


We need that if this customer was already registered, as soon as he logs in, it should be checked that he has a valid VAT Number and all the prices should be shown without the taxes already. Not only by the check out.


Is this already implemented somewhere, someone has a fast solution????


Thanx again! Have a nice day! :blush:

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I've implemented this, love it, but the check always returns a false for me. Even if I use correct VAT number (I've checked them manually as well on the site). Did something change in the way the soap service works?




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