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Admin_Tools_Cache Control


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Linda, the following is a WIKI submission to be placed in Admin_Tools_Cache Control, which as yet does not exist. My outlined proceedure regarding resolution of the pink error message might also be a nice instructional addition to the existing Admin_Configuration_Cache link. The credit for this information should actually go to Matti and new community member, geenygreat, who patiently walked me through this process.


I would like to offer a WIKI organizational suggestion here. As the dirctory structure stands, there is one link for 'Errors and Fixes' at the top of the structure. With all errors and fixes logged there, the file could get concievably out of controll with an overload of topics, making it very time consuming to search through for answers. If each end link had it's own 'Errors and Fixes' link, then those fixes would be listed under the appropriate topic, and so, answers more easily obtained. This may go a long way towards reducing repetition and redundancy on the forum as well as provide users a clear and concise proceedure to resolving issues at any stage of involvement with osCommerce with minimal time input.


Best regards, Charles :D


Admin_Tools_Cache Control


Pink error message at top of screen


Error: Cache directory does not exist. Please set this Configuration->Cache.



Through an FTP program, create a sub folder named 'cache' in the 'catalog' folder and set the chmod permissions to 777. Actually, it can be named anything and put in any directory to which you have FTP access. but this is the most convenient for these purposes and easiest to determine the absolute directory path, since servers often have many redirects in their structure, making the correct root directory path confusing.


Now, go to Configuration_Cache. Click on 'Use Cache' and set to 'true'. Click on Cache Directory and set and the absolute directory path to the 'cache' folder. , If there is any question or problem establishing the absolute path, it may be because of server redirects. Go to Tools_Database Backup and see what path as is listed by Admin for the database 'backups' folder. Use that path and append 'catalog/cache/' to the end of it so that your path might appear as




Pay close attention to case sensitivity so that the directory path exactly matches the 'cache' folder created in FTP. Go back to Tools_Cache Control, refresh if necessary, and the error message should be gone.


Missing Files


Cache Control                Date Created          Action

Categories Box              File does not exist

Manufacturers Box          File does not exist

Also Purchased Module    File does not exist

Cache Directory: /tmp/


If the 'cache' folder does not exist then create one as above. Once the 'cache' folder exists, open up your site in your favorite browser. The cache will be automatically created. Go back to Tools_Cache Control to verify, refreshing if necessary.


If the messages still exist, upload, via FTP, three blank files into your cache directory:






If there are more languages, create more files replacing engish with language name and upload.


Now, go back to Tools_Cache Control, refresh if necessary, and the folders should be established, listing the date and time they were created.

We stand in ignorance only for questions not asked. Plug up the leaks in your knowledge base and open up a flood of understanding.
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As an addendum to these instructions - it should not be necessary to create blank files to solve the 'Missing Files' issue. You may get the re-assurance that the blank files you created are there, but they still may not update... When troubleshooting Missing Cache Files, first check:


a) Use Cache option is set to TRUE

B) Cache folder path is set correctly (and ends with a '/')

c) Cache Folder permissions are set to '777' (world writable)


If the cache files are still not showing up even though all this is set correctly (they should generate by browsing through your Categories or Manufacturers pages), then the issue is most likely to be a cookies issue - Cache is *ONLY* used when the cookie containing the session id has been set. It is never used when the osCid is set in the URL.


d) Check that you have set the cookie domain and directory correctly in:






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Go to Tools_Database Backup and see what path as is listed by Admin for the database 'backups' folder.

Have to say that one line really straightened out in my mind how to set the cache directory setting. Thanks

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My Cache files are missing... When above stated upload blank files... What kind of blank files... .txt...php.. etc...

I tried php... Then the system sees the files then deletes them...

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I created the blank files within the file manager in Admin... Once created the system saw the files for a few minutes.. Then they disappeared...

Anyone have any ideas... Thanks...

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