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Locking down Admin


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I'm trying to password protect my admin directory and it's just not working.


Would someone please post a sample htaccess file and htpasswd file?



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does your hosting company offer you cPanel or other type control panel for you site?. you can lock it down there

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This probably won't help you directly, but maybe someone else will get a kick out of it.


I have successfully installed OSC utilizing two sub-domains for admin lockdown.


The first admin.somestite.com is where the configuration tools for OSC are installed. The second, store.somesite.com contains the remaining files which are accessible by the geneneral public.


Through a little symbolic linking magic, all files are accessible to the administation, but only the immediate catalog files are accessible to the public.


So even if somene realizes that I'm using the OSCommerece software, the administative code can't be accessed because it's just not there (in the same sub-domain).


Of course the entire admin subdomain is locked down so it's that much more difficult.



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