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The e-commerce.

Color selection?


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Ok, I am converting this persons store: - Poker Store


to oscommerce:


Poker Store in oscommerce


Now, the problem I am having is, when people go to buy some of the poker chips in the first site (the one I'm converting from) they have an option afterwards to select which color they want, in multiples of 50.


For example, if they buy 300, they have say, 4 colors. Red, green, black, blue.


When they click Add on the old site, they can type in 2 (for 2 sets of 50) in red, 1 for blue, and 1 for black.


I want to add this ability to the oscommerce side, yet I'm confused on how I should approach this.


I tried the "product attributes" as you can see, i'm already using them. But this makes it very hard when trying to do it for colors, as I would have to put in unique lines for each color "set 1 - blue, red, black, green" "set 2- blue red, black, green"


and so on, I'm sure you can see how time consuming that would be, and how annoying it would be to edit the products. Could anyone provide me with a much easier way to do this? Possibly a contribution?



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