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I searched around and didn't find anything relevant offhand so I figuerd I would throw a post in here in case anyone has come across this.


I want to take the link that says "Click To Enlarge" and instead of using an image pop-up, make that a picture gallery.


I figured I would use ACDSee to make a gallery for each image and upload it to an individual folder for each product. I could make a static header and footer for each gallery and just reference them.


The problem is I need to make them unique for each product and was wondering the easiest way to do this.


The only way I can think of to do it is to store the link in the database and reference it through a varaible.


Easier way to do this? Please, let me know.


Once again, thank you in advance for any help you may give me.

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How about using the product_id variable that is already in the database, and available in the products_info.php script already, and dynamically build the URL with reference to the HTML gallery folder html_gal_product_id/images_htlml_product_id.html?


You need to figure out the coding etc. to replace the existing CLICK TO ENLARGE or just add another BUTTON that will open a new window with your gallery. Many posts are in the forum with sample code to change the code on CLICK TO ENLARGE



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Thank you for a reply and your suggestion.


I have already taken away the "Click To Enlarge" text from the pictures and assigned it to a button that opens up a big ol' image. I think I know how to do it but there are many more people here that are much better at this than I am.


Just trying to get some suggestions, thank you though!

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Just checked on this again and wondered if there were any other suggestions. Please someone gimme a helping hand here. I'm sleep and lazy and well, my kid is gonna be born in three days so throw some pity help my way.


On another note, I realize OceanRanch was trying to help me but my knowledge is very wee when it comes to much of anything now a days and I would very much appreciate just a tad bit of a walkthrough.


Not alot though, I'm a grown man...but I cry too.

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