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The e-commerce.

Advanced import function?


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HI there everone,


I just started up with oscommerce coming from phpeppershop (a swiss software).


All solutions I found are very uncomforable in terms of importing a given datastructure.


My vendor supports me with a list of all products that also contains information about the category.


The Tablestructe is like this:


ProdID | Titel | desc. | price | MainCATegory | SubCATofMainCAT| |SubCatofSubCat| ...|


So I always have a 3-level Category for each product.


The categorys are strings with the refering Categoryname/string.


I am looking for a way to import that list in the following way:

- read the list

- read MainCATs and create if neccessary

- read SUBCATs and create if neccessary (both levels SUB1 and SUB2)

- link the SubCats to theire parents-Categorys

- read the products

- insert the products if not already present with same prodID

- update products if something has changed.


Anybody in here who might help me or one who has already done such a kind of megaimportutility?


Would be gerat to get some help.





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hi derek.

I am just reading the manual that comes with easy populate .

It seems to be neccessary to change some lines of code to integrate it into OSC.

Furthermore the csv needs to be split in parts of 300 liones and each line need a (?)delimiter(?) to mark the end of a dataset.

I suggest you to look to the manual - if it does not work, just post here again.






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