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Easy Populate populated but store can't access


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Well I used EasyPopulate 2.60 to set up my 1200 or so products only to get this error at the end.


You visit my store at https://ssl.shoalhaven.net.au/chevparts/ and the categories appear to have products in them. by the numbers next to the categories. They also appear to have products in the according to my admin section as the numbers show there too. Products even show as whats new this month. But go into a directory in the store or admin and it says there is no products. Click on a new this month product and it says product not found.


I go to mysql admin area and the database is populated and all the products appear. Anyone got any idea what is happening here for the products to be invisible in the categories even though the store says they are there?


I have my entire store set up on the servers secure directory. Would this affect it in any way?

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It seems you found a bug that I have have found yesterday.

I spend a few hours to understand a problem.

What I have found:

1. If you use not one language in your shop you should have default language.

2. Easy Populate reads uploaded file and adds categories in default language

(you can see default language at the top of Easy Populate page)

3. Products inserts in database in language that you point in uploaded file

(v_product_name_N, where N is ID of the language)


Solving problem:

1. Fix php-script and use category_id for making category


2. Change default language and make uploads, that change default language again ....

So for all languages you should insert in base names of categories.


How to check is it this problem:

1. Switch lang in catalog and if you can see categories in this lang but don't see products AND after switch to another lang

you can't see categories in this lang but see products

Than you can be sure IT IS!


Send me a postcard. B)


Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

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