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UK Currency Conversion Question


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Hi All,


I am trying to sort out a problem with currency when it converts

from ? to Euro's.


Can someone please post what they have entered for the Value

of GBP and for the Euro.



I only want two currencies listed - GBP and Euro but when switching

between the two I am not sure that the conversion is correct.


Many thanks in advance







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Hi there Steve


This is my first visit to the osCommerce forums...I'm only a osC newbie but I believe I can answer your question.


If you visit the XE website http://www.xe.com, they give a very comprehensive list of up-to-date currency conversions, including GBP and Euro. I've just updated my osC with the latest conversion (remember...the rates fluctuate).


Hope this helps... :)


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Thanks for that - I was aware of it but I was after

what figure people have actually entered into value.

I am trying to compare it to my own so if anyone

has the actual value I would appreciate it if you could

post it here.


Anyway thanks for the response Lil






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  • 1 month later...

Hi Steve


I am not 100% sure about this because although I did this only yesterday it seems like a lifetime ago.


First I set my location to UK and anything else in the Admin section that remotly suggested anything to do with where my shop is based (like tax rates - not that it is likely to make any difference!). Then in the Localization area I set English to default language (again probably doesn't make any difference), and in Currencies I clicked on "update currencies" UK was default now and the latest exchange rates were updated making UK 1.00000000 and the rest the correct values.


I know it's a bit of a jumble but I only started messing about with this 3 days ago.



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Hi steve


in admin panel under Localization/currencies set UKPound as default value =1 having defined the euro press the button update currencies and you are done the euro should show at 1.44000006 at the moment.


That deals with the currency convertion.


Then you can set up tax another seperate thing.


shipping another seperate thing.

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