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The e-commerce.

Products Attributes Tweek Needed


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What I am after is to have the quantity box and an ad to cart button for each Attributes drop down list.


See picture below to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

If you can tell me how to do this that would be great.


Maybe someone else needs something like this also.

It is harder to explain why I need this then it is to just show you which is why I just put a picture for you to look at in order to explain it a bit better.


It does not have to be limited to any specific number of drop downs.

How every many dropdown list I need is how many it will do this for on the fly so to speak.



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Keep your eyes peeled for a contribution I am uploading today - will be announced in the Contributions Announcements channel.



Sound good to me. :D :unsure: :blink: :rolleyes:


I thnk I got it though but still want to check yours out because the way I figured out how to do it works fine but the only hting is that if there is no drop down list then the add to cart and quantity box does not show.

I think all I need is an else if statement or something but I am not sure how to do that yet.


So every item will have to have a drop down of some kind in order to add the product to the cart so I am sure yours will work better to meet my needs.


I will keep an eye out for it but just incase can you came back here and just PM me or email me.



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I found it.

Looks like exactly what I was looking for.


Took a look at it and will try to install it on Monday.

Would do it now but it is kind of late plus I am starting to moving tomarrow to a house after living in an apartment for most of my life, can't wait.


By the way, after looking at yours it blows mine out of the water.

But all I had to add to mine was two lines in product_info.php


Do you do special request?

Let me know and I will PM you about it.



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