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Beta tester needed for new BTS version


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I have made a new version of the BTS,

looking for someone to betatest before upload to the contibutions section.


It is available at:


for testing only!


Changes to BTSv1b



1) Name change needed or not? The changes made to the original BTS are small, but the idea is different, that's why I am thinking about to release this version under another name. The original BTS separated most PHP and Javascript code from the HTML (thank you Brenden Vickery!) but also retained all original code (as far as I know). The BTS-LT is based on the original BTS, but the original osC code is altered sometimes, i.e. if needed for easy template creation.


2) one (last!?!) bug fix (corrects error message when trying to change the address at catalog/address_book.php ):





(this bug and fix also apply to the BTSv1.0b !)


3) added CSS id's to all boxes (editted catalog/includes/boxes)


4) removed width setting from "form select" in currencies.php, manufacturers.php box and search.php box to make it possible to set the width using stylesheet settings, the original HTML width settings created problems for new templates.


5) added two extra templates for the main layout: a one table layout and one CSS layout template


6) deleted "<!-- explaining texts -->" from the box files, speeds it up a tiny bit,

if you don't like it you can restore this by editting "templates/box.tpl.php", i.s.o. editting all box files!


7) changed several (catalog/includes/javascript):

<script language="javascript">


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

(not important for functionality, but improves validation at validator.w3.org


8 ) EZ search box enhancement added to search box (default searches in descriptions) added

tep_draw_hidden_field('search_in_description','1') .

(not needed for templates, but I just had to do this, improves the awfull default search a little bit)


9) changed <?php echo HEADING_TITLE; ?> to <h1><?php echo HEADING_TITLE; ?></h1> (most templates/content files)


I think covers all

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Wrong forum probably,


but I am again looking for beta testers, very easy install. Includes a nice and easy to use Template Switch.




download the latest version and have fun :).


When ready and tested (hopefully/probably only a couple of days from now), it will be available at the osC contributions section of course.



Happy Christmas!

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