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PHP explanation


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It does absolutely nothing. Originally, this project was called The Exchange Project, so all function names were prefixed with tep_ to indicate that they were part of this project rather than PHP native or whatever. In some cases, there are tep_ versions of PHP functions, e.g. tep_mail. In those cases, the tep_ function eventually does the same thing as the PHP function but allows for osCommerce specific formatting, etc. to occur along the way. Also, they used to gain cross version compatibility by defining tep_ functions for PHP functions that only existed in some versions (tep_array_merge was the best known example of this). The compatibility functions are now given with the same name as the PHP function (e.g. array_merge).


Btw, osCommerce is currently switching the prefix from the historical tep_ to osC_. For this reason, people will soon be seeing errors like "tep_href_link not defined" which will require them to rename the function to something like osC_href_link (see Harald's recent posts for the exact translation).




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If I understand you correctly, I will soon have to change "tep" to "osC" wherever it appears! Is that correct or am I jumping to a panic conclusion?

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Only if your using a current verson of the CVS and future MS3/4 or final 2.2 (and all contribution for these versions).....and onward.


If you stick with MS2 and compatable MS2 contribution - you don't have to do the change...

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