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New installation issues


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Ok, this is my first post, but I think I have read EVERY post in the Installation and Configuration topic looking for an answer. My installation has not gone well at all.

First, after the installation was complete, I got a whole bunch of errors saying that it couldn't open the configure.php file, even though the file was there, with the permissions set at 777. I tried the install 3 times, continued to get this, and finally resolved to configure it manually.


Now I have new problems after manually entering everything in both configure.php. I can get to the Admin side of it fine and everything seems to work OK so far. I haven't poked around in it too much just yet. I'd like to get the catalog side up and running first.


When I go to http://www.mysite.com/catalog I get this

1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax.

and it goes on to complain about a variable referenced in a MySQL statement that is defined in the configuration table. I checked the table and it was defined properly (?), or so it seems. If I edit the code to use a number, instead of a variable, it gets rid of that error. BUT...then I have the same problem with (it seems) every other file that references/accesses a variable in the configuration table. And then some after that...... :blink:


One thread I read about a similar problem said that their solution was

Installation of a rpm version of the php mod

I have NO idea what that means. Anyone know?


So...does anyone know what my problem might be? This is my first attempt at implementing osCommerce and I am getting very discouraged...


JIC - The server is running MySQL 4.0.13

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