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Easypopulate & Big Image's


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Need help here plz anyone, I have a large catalog on a test site using various contribs which are working fine, but I am in the stages of adding the catalog which is goin to be about 1700 products I use easypopulate as a solution for the upload of the products.

However I have a problem in that I then have to go into each product and add a popup image which is large than the thunb images in the easypopulate file uploaded.

I have looked for a few days for help in forum and for additional contribs but no luck, is there a trick to this.


j0ker :(

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Just to add that I understand I can upload the raw image files and have the osc resize them but they loose too much quality, and I also want to edit the images with a thumbnailer software package to add cropped corners and drop shadows.


j0ker <_<

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I assume that you are using an Easy Populate modified for big images, that is, one that uploads two image names.


This is the configuration I am using.


It may be using a sledge hammer to crack eggs, but I get a high-quality jpeg image (from a flatbed scanner or digital camera) and save it with a name derived from the product model as follows: 'bi' <product_model> '.jpg' in the catalog/images directory on my pc. I process each bi<product_model>.jpg image using a free jpeg resizer called Jpeg Imager from download.com. With a few clicks I can compress the original image and resize it (resample) until it suits me. I save this one over the bi<product_model>.jpg. Then I resize it again until it is about 100 pixels tall. This one I save as i<product_model>.jpg.


When I have a batch that I want to upload, I just ftp the images to catalog/images on the host (I use Cute FTP), and then I upload the product descriptions, etc. with easy populate.


Takes a long time, but it works for me.


If anyone has a better technique please let me know, since I am just getting started.

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