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Urgent! Wont Allow Restore, site down


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Ok so I made a backup today since I knew I would be making some changes. When I realized I didn't want the changes I just went to go restore from my backup that I had just made. When I did it is messed up oscommerce and when I would try to access both the admin portion and store portion, an error page would just appear. So now I have reloaded the site, but its just some generic bull crud. Now my backup files are still there, and I have tried them all, and they all cause this to happen.


Please help, and if you don't know, could you please get me some sort of contact for a live support rep, because I can't find that function here. Thanks, these forums are great, I don't know what I would do without them.

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Well earlier I had added a log file, and also added some code to the end of the general.php file. This was just to view any errors made. Then I went ahead and deleted the log.php and then removed the extra code from general.php . My site still was fine, but I decided just incase, I would do a restore, to restore to how it was before then, just in case. Well now I fell dumb. :( Anyways the new store that I reloaded works fine, so why cant I simply run a restore now? All I care about is my products and customers, the coding is fine as is. Let me know, thanks.

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